Zooming and Propping

I got King’s aussie saddle primarily so I could stick his huge Ayrab teleport spooks. And it’s worked like a charm I must say. I’ve been riding him in it for the last year, and have not yet come off him, despite a couple of hair-raising moments where I ended up hanging from one knee. I’m sure I looked less than graceful at those moments. But I did stick through all of them. To be truthful though, I think the main reason that I haven’t come off him for a while is that most of the time he’s just way better behaved and more gentlemanly than he used to be.

Sooner or later though, if you ride enough miles (even if you are a far better rider than I) at speed, you are going to make an unscheduled dismount no matter what precautions you take. Except… I wasn’t riding King. I came off freaking DRESSY. My perfectly behaved, mature, regal Standardbred mare. I have no idea what little imp took residence in her brain yesterday. But she was all fired up and much spookier than any teleporting Arab. And she’s weird when she’s like that, because she is really really FAST. A moderate trot kept turning into her “smoke the trail” trot with Diego galloping strongly behind her to keep up. If she’d just kept up that trot, even with all the zigging at stumps and zagging at rocks (never mind the hiker in a wheelchair) it all would have been fine. But she was zooming and propping too. Not just coming to a gradual worried halt either. Nope. 60 to 0 in negative .2 seconds. She was defying the laws of physics. Unfortunately, I don’t defy those laws with the same impunity that Dressy does. Eventually she managed to somersault me right out of the saddle. Gallop to backwards stop to spin. Very neatly done. Deposited me right on a small tree. Which I broke with my back. It looked a bit scary afterwards too. I think I probably just managed to avoid being impaled on the sheared off stump. As it is I have a raw patch on my back from it. Well… actually a few raw patches now that I’ve had a closer look. And some bruises. And some swelling.

Not only did she wreck me, she wrecked Misha too with one of her stops. Diego was right behind, and he had to stop fast to avoid her. He sort of bounced a couple of times doing it. And Misha tore something in her groin muscle. She said it felt like paper tearing. She looked very uncomfortable by the time we were done. She said it was bruising pretty badly. I sent her home with an ice pack. Sure hope she can walk this morning.

I checked my GPS track when I got home to see if the speed chart went backwards at any point. But no. It did however drop very precipitously in a few places 🙂