You Have to Take Care of Yourself Too… Not Just Your Horse

I spent the day yesterday pit crewing Misha and Diego in their second fifty. It was HOT out there. That horse looked awesome all day. Even while Misha was threatening to make dogfood out of him after he bucked her off on her tailbone. They rode with Emma and Zillary all day, and finished together in 5th and 6th place.

Shortly afterwards, Misha started throwing up. Sunstroke and dehydration, not to mention pain from the bruised tailbone. She threw up all the way home in the truck, and I drove her home from there in her car so her husband could take her into the hospital (she was adamant that she had to go to the hospital where her Dad works). She was admitted last night so they could get IV fluids into her.

Diego looked like he hadn’t done a thing after the ride was done. He actually looked reasonably cool all day. And he still looks like he hasn’t done a thing. It topped out at 35C yesterday, with a baking sun. Maximum humidity was 94. Dressy would’ve dropped in her tracks out there, and King wouldn’t have been a whole lot better I suspect. So it’s good I didn’t decide to ride.


2 Replies to “You Have to Take Care of Yourself Too… Not Just Your Horse”

  1. Ack, poor Misha, that sucks. I can’t handle the heat, at all, especially with humidity. It takes all my resources just to feed my horses in that kind of weather, although I have put up hay in it and almost ended up in a room alongside Misha.

  2. YES, the rider has to take care to eat, drink, etc. Esp since a dehydrated/exhausted rider will make bad decisions on behalf of the horse! (That would be information from the “been there/done that” committee….)

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