Wrangling The Baby Horse

Loula’s filly is very confident and outgoing. To the point of being ridiculously friendly with any handy human. She loves being scratched (as most babies do). I can go into the stall when she’s sleeping, scratch her neck and she tips her head back and rests it on my knee with her eyes closed. Totally contented. Of course Loula is not nearly so thrilled to have me there, but she’s trusting enough of people that she allows it.

We put a halter on baby a couple of days ago. Other than an initial leap of surprise when I captured her head in that halter contraption, she didn’t fuss too much about it. They went out in the front paddock yesterday for the first time. I looped a baby rope (a lead rope with no snap) through the halter, put one arm behind her and gently wrestled her out of the stall. Once we got up a bit of momentum, she was eager to see the world. We passed mama at a trot and then broke to a canter, with me valiantly trying to keep up and slow her down without scaring her. Not that I should be worried… nothing seems to scare this baby at all.

We turned them loose in the paddock and there was a lot of gleeful gallivanting. Baby has very long legs. All babies do. But this one looks particularly leggy and long-striding when she gallops. Maybe all the white on her legs makes them look longer?

Here’s baby in all her flashy glory (not to mention Loula’s glory, since she’s not exactly hard on the eyes either!). Photos taken with my cheap digital camera, so the quality isn’t great.

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