Wise Affair: Fat and Content


Wise Affair, this morning. Waiting for her breakfast. She’s now on 24 hour turnout in the big pasture with the two young fillies, Diva and Esmerelda. I had to go out and convince the three of them to come in to eat, since they were apparently not all that hungry. Esmerelda is roly-poly and does not truly need one more scrap of food. Diva, being a lanky yearling, can always use a few extra calories. But Wise Affair looks just right.

Shooing the three girls in for breakfast (Wise Affair in the lead, Esmerelda on the right, Diva on the left.
Shooing the three girls in for breakfast (Wise Affair in the lead, Esmerelda on the right, Diva on the left)

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  1. The transformation is truly amazing. You have done miracles with her. She is beautiful. What will she go on to do? Will she have a new career do you suppose? Are all the horses there track prospects or do some go on to do other things?

    1. Thanks Jonna 🙂 Wise Affair is pretty much retired, though only 11 years old. She is neither breeding nor riding sound. She has some sort of undiagnosed hind end problem. She is comfortable in the pasture, but has an odd way of moving behind. Likely some sort of injury in the pelvis or hip area (not a racing injury, but no one knows when or how it happened). She had a bad foaling with her first foal and ended up with a prolapsed uterus. My boss bred her, owned her mother and her grandmother, and raced Weezy for part of her career. She was a very honest (if quirky) racehorse and he was quite fond of her. So she will likely just be an aunt to the youngsters.

  2. Well, considering her history, I am just glad she made her way back to where she will be able to live out her years and be well cared for. Kudos to you. BTW- I just saw your comment back on the Morgan mare that did the Old Dominion and then came out of the trailer and survived. That is one lucky mare.. I just cringe at the thought of accidents like that. Did the door come open and she jumped out?

    1. No, she actually went out a top door. The trailer had three levels of door. The ramp, and a horizontally split top door. Just the very small top-top door was open. It was smaller than her, but somehow she managed it. We figure she had to have sunfished to get out, and it was lined with hair after the accident, so she didn’t fit through it easily. It was a very vivid lesson in why you should never believe that a horse won’t try to go through something it truly does not fit through.

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