Venice in Her Halter

Venice has been getting used to having the rope around her head. But she still cannot stand to have a hand on her face. I’ve been able to sneak my hand slowly up her neck and on to her jowl. But not over her nose or anywhere near the front of her face.

However, she will allow a parelli stick or a lunge whip to rub all over her. I can run it up her neck, over her ears, down the front of her face, down her nose (she nibbles on it in passing), and back up to her throat. I can also throw ropes all over her with very little reaction (as long as she’s expecting it). So I thought I’d try to get a halter on her without touching her. First, I tied a bit of binder twine to the crown buckle on the left side of the halter. Then I tossed it over her neck so it swung under her neck where I could catch it. I tied the binder twine to the other crown buckle. Then I hooked the nose band with the end of the parelli stick, and lifted it up over her nose. Amazingly, she stood for that (mostly). Once I had the nose band up and over, it sort of caught on the rope I had already looped over her nose. I pulled on the binder twine to tighten it all up and then was able to buckle the crown piece to the right buckle. I was able to lead her around the stall using the halter, and she cooperated pretty well.

What IS this thing on my head???
What IS this thing on my head???

I’ve left a very short lead rope attached to the halter. She was a bit concerned initially, and shook her head a lot. But within about an hour, she had that lead rope all figured out, and was tossing her head aside to get the rope moved out of the way of her feet.

She’s not halter broke yet by any means. But she is progressing steadily now!