Update on Ella’s Foot

Ella has shown no signs of infection. No fever, no swelling, nothing yucky coming out of the puncture. She has been eating fine, and appears to be perfectly sound.

She has, however, been very very depressed. And her neck has gotten very sore from all the antibiotic injections. She has some heat and swelling on both sides. I was getting kind of worried about seeing her hanging her head in dejection, and I called the vet this evening. He was very happy to hear about the foot, and says that the depression is likely just from a sore neck. He told me to stop with the antibiotics. He thinks she’ll be fine.

Big relief!!!!

We will keep wrapping the foot for while. It’s staying nice and clean with all the layers… animalintex, vetwrap, duct tape, and an old style Easy Boot.

I am going to have to go over the entire paddock with the big magnet about ten more times though before I start to relax about this whole roofing nail thing….

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  1. Oh honestly, what a relief! Ella is a very lucky girl, thankfully it was found so early. If she was a cat she’d be down to eight lives for sure.

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