Update on Brooke

I am just home from visiting Brooke at Sick Kid’s Hospital. She is still in the ICU. She was awake when I went in, so I was able to talk to her for a few minutes. I knew from talking to her mom that she was in pretty rough shape. But wow… somehow I think I expected her to be her usual cheerful self and she was not. She looks battered and quite exhausted.

The accident happened on Saturday evening, not Friday as I first thought. She has a broken clavicle, eleven broken ribs, a broken femur, punctured lung, bruised liver, and ligament damage to one knee. She is still having respiratory problems, so she’s going to be in ICU for another day or two they think.

Wendy Webb was kind enough to send me a photo of Dressy and Brooke from Spring Ride which I had printed and took down with me so she can show it off to visitors. She seemed quite pleased to get it. That’s the one that I put in the blog post from earlier today.

The ICU doesn’t accept any mail for patients. So I have to wait until they move Brooke to a regular room before giving everyone the address to send her cards.

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