Treacherously Icy Footing

All week the footing here has been bad. Patches of glare ice everywhere. Which means, of course, no riding. It snowed yesterday though, and I thought it looked quite a bit better. So I brought Dressy in to tack her up. Because she has been getting some hair rubbed off on her loins (my beloved aussie saddle really just does not fit her), I switched her into the treeless saddle today (Barefoot London).

The weather was lovely. Bright sun and no wind, and starting to warm up just a little. We went around the front field first. Aaaannnnd…. yikes. There was ice under the snow. And neither Dressy nor I had the slightest idea where that ice was. We skidded and skittered down the long side of the field, and had one really bad out of control skid across the short end down by the road. We managed to safely navigate over to the driveway and we came up that instead of the side of the field. It was still a bit slippery, but nowhere near as bad as that cornfield. Wow.

So we went to the back of the farm instead and tried the back hay field. It was a lot better, but still not comfortable for Dressy or me.

At that point I gave up on any ambitions for mileage and took her home to the round pen, where we did some simple schooling at a walk. We practiced some nice round circles, backing, turns on the forehand, sidepassing… All the stuff that I neglect to do most of the time. Dressy is smart, and enjoys that sort of thing. So it ended up being very productive.

It’s supposed to jump up to +7C on Monday, and rain. If it then goes back below freezing, the ice is only going to get worse. Even my round pen will be unusable then 🙁

Got a new camera and took a few pictures today. I ended up hating it by the end of the day and took it back for exchange by evening. but here are a few pictures I took with it at work…

Barn cats live cold and very stressful lives in the winter

Parker, awaiting his turn to go out and play


Parker... still waiting

3 Replies to “Treacherously Icy Footing”

  1. That camera is interesting – the cat seems to pick up the colour of the chair – blue cat; the pictures of Parker have a slight paint-by-numbers quality, especially in the eyes.

    The ground is truly icy – every day I promise myself a walk and then chicken out. Think I’ll stop beating myself up about it.

  2. The cat photo was quite overexposed. I had to do some tinkering to get it dark enough, but that messed with the colour balance. I didn’t bother to fix it up more than that. Thought it looked sort of interesting tinted blue. Parker’s eyes actually do look like that. He has very large, dark, and soft eyes. He’s the only one of Freckles’ kids who inherited her beautiful eyes.

    I hope the driveway doesn’t turn to a sheet of ice today… it’s supposed to freeze tonight after pouring rain all day….

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