The View Through Dressy’s Ears

When I checked Dressy’s neck today, there was no trace of swelling left. The incision seems to be healed right up. She looks sort of like a patchwork horse, with all sorts of shaved spots. And there are a lot of bits of scurf and scabby spots from clipper burn since they shaved her right to the skin. But the hematoma is all cleared up now.

No Swelling
All the swelling is gone from the site of the incision. It was about halfway down over the jugular vein.

So I took her out for a short ride. A “WALKING” ride, I told her. This IS walking she told me. Sigh. She has a little trouble with the concept of slow and relaxed. So I encouraged her to eat some grass. She managed to slam on the brakes and rip a couple of huge mouthfuls, but then right back to her big power walk and “ummm… sorry the jog was ACCIDENTAL! I’m walking, I’m walking. Yeesh.” It’s a good thing this mare doesn’t drive a car, I can easily imagine her getting road rage in slow traffic. It was only a half hour ride, but she was pretty silly throughout, and it’s HOT out there! So she did break a slight sweat.

Around the back field, about 30 seconds before the bird flew up and we ended up 20 feet thataway…

I borrowed Chrystal’s heart rate monitor to use (to ease my paranoia… though really, it’s not going to tell me much about an arrhythmia). My own has a broken wire. Unfortunately I couldn’t get it working. So I fixed my own with the broken wire, and couldn’t get that to work either. I did check her before and after with the stethoscope. She was 28 before we tacked up, 44 after. And 60 as soon as we got back. All very even with no trace of A-Fib.

Up the back lane
Past the pond (“Really, we do not have time for TOURISM here!)”
Is there a monster ahead???
Yes… that is SURELY a monster!

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