Today, the vet came and did some dental work on the horses. King, who has a pretty well-aligned mouth, generally doesn’t need a lot of work on his teeth. But as a result, he sometimes gets skipped when I have other horses who have bigger problems. Dressy really needs her teeth done every single year faithfully, so she usually jumps to the front of the queue. As a result, it’s probably been four years since King had anything done. This time though, we went ahead and did King first. Dressy will get done maybe next week sometime. And it was a good thing too, because once the vet got in all the way to the back she found some nasty edges. King was, well, not good exactly. But not too bad anyway.  He doesn’t really like his mouth being messed with. Once he was sedated, he stood politely, snoring through most of the procedure.

Ares had some very sharp edges, a hook, and one sharp point that was digging into the inside of his cheek.  I knew there was a problem with his teeth, since he’s been dribbling food out the side of his mouth at every meal.  I wanted to be sure to get his teeth done before he finds a new home, so he doesn’t start out his new life with problems. Dental issues can masquerade as behavioural issues, and I want him to have at least a good shot at a decent life.

He was a real sweetheart to work on. The vet was pleased with how cooperative he was. So that was nice to discover. He has become so much more confident and friendly that it’s hard to believe he’s the same terror-stricken, shaky-legged horse that arrived just under three months ago.

I also had her look quickly at Nikita, who seems to have a perpetually sore back. I’ve suspected for a long time that she might have problems with her ovaries, since the soreness seems worse during her heat cycles. And when the vet checked, she thought it seemed pretty likely based on the location of the soreness. She’s going to examine her a little more thoroughly on her next visit. Regumate would probably help if that’s the cause, but that’s a VERY expensive option. Anyway, I will just see what we can find out before thinking about how to fix things.