Venice’s Papers are Reinstated

So the DNA tests have come back, and Venice has had her registration papers reinstated. She is who she is supposed to be. Sire and dam are both correct. The breeder had sent in hair samples from her full sister instead of Venice. So once I sent in a new sample, it sorted everything out. It also sorted out Venice’s daughter’s registration, since she’d had her registration denied (that’s how this all started… when Savannah’s owner tried to register her). The registry is mailing the papers out.

I haven’t done much with her lately. Last week was too hot, and I was not so energetic after Flesherton. But today I had a short little session with her to get her training back on track. She is a very soft little mare, now that we are past being panic-stricken all the time. Extremely responsive even (which is the silver lining of over-the-top reactive). She is more and more willing to take a carrot from my hand, so I hope to start clicker training with her soon. But so far, the risk of taking food from a human hand is more risk than reward for her.

Here’s a few seconds of video from today. Her dapples are not really visible, but I think the gorgeous metallic gleam of her coat sort of comes through. She’s not very big, but she’s got the trot of a much bigger horse. So with the trot, the brilliant light bay colour, and all the chrome, she’s pretty flashy isn’t she? Just don’t look at her feet too closely since they are dreadfully in need of a trim. They are starting to chip off now that she’s getting more turnout though.

Standardbred Filly Looking for a Home

A friend of mine is trying to re-home a nice Standardbred filly. Bay with a few white hairs on her forehead. Three years old. She’s been backed, but is very green. She’s never raced. Her name is Start It Up. Located near Campbellville, Ontario. Extremely sweet and kind temperament. So far all the training towards riding horse status has been smooth and uneventful.

Here are a few photos.






She’s free to a good, permanent home. Leave a comment if you’re interested, or email skykingsgirl … at …

Wise Affair: Fat and Content


Wise Affair, this morning. Waiting for her breakfast. She’s now on 24 hour turnout in the big pasture with the two young fillies, Diva and Esmerelda. I had to go out and convince the three of them to come in to eat, since they were apparently not all that hungry. Esmerelda is roly-poly and does not truly need one more scrap of food. Diva, being a lanky yearling, can always use a few extra calories. But Wise Affair looks just right.

Shooing the three girls in for breakfast (Wise Affair in the lead, Esmerelda on the right, Diva on the left.
Shooing the three girls in for breakfast (Wise Affair in the lead, Esmerelda on the right, Diva on the left)

Wise Affair Dreams of World Domination

Wise Affair has a lot of rules. Timeliness is very important. Breakfast must be on time. Lunch and dinner too. She is loudly disapproving of tardy serving staff. First, the whinnies, then she kicks the walls. “NOW!!! I want my breakfast NOW!!!” After breakfast, she needs to go outside immediately. And if we don’t get her out right away, she glares, and whinnies, and paces around her stall. She has dreams of world domination (right after she eats all the delicious food!).

Here is some video from this morning. This is exactly six weeks after her arrival in weak, emaciated condition, with lice and all her hair falling out.

Standardbred Coming In for Adoption

I don’t have a lot of information yet. But I just had a call about a 10 year old Standardbred gelding who is coming off the track. He’ll be arriving here in the next couple of weeks. All I can say so far is that he’s tall (16+hh), black, and very quiet. He’ll be looking for a riding horse home. I will back him once he gets here, so he will have extremely basic training. However, like all off-track Standardbreds he will be well broke to drive and should be very easy to transition into a riding horse. Standardbreds are typically steady, willing, and amiable.

If anyone is interested and could offer a good, permanent home, email me at Even if this is not the right horse for you… I get Standardbreds off the track fairly regularly whose owners do not want to send them to auction or to be buggy horses and would like them to have nice homes after racing.

*Update: He’s arriving Thursday or Friday. And the location is southern Ontario. Just north of Toronto. I have a truck and trailer, and could deliver him within a couple of hundred kilometers.