Summer Solstice Endurance Ride Photos

Here are some random photos from the ride last weekend…

I didn’t ride. I trailered Ares and Ella for Anastasija and Veronica, and picked up Jackson (Sharon’s Quarter Horse) along the way. I was going to try to take a lot of photos on Sunday, but ended up helping the Ride Secretary. So didn’t get too much opportunity.

Ana and Ares had a great ride. Ares has really come a long way. He is calmer and much more confident at competitions. Ana gave him a lot more electrolytes this time and it really showed. He looked fresh and happy at the end of the 12 miles. So next time she would like to do a 25.

Ella was a bit of a pill for Veronica. Not on trail where Ella is always calm and steady, but in camp she barged around and gave everyone a hard time. It did not help that Veronica was feeling very sick to her stomach, so she opted out at the mid-check. There’s probably a lot of groundwork in Ella’s future.

Sharon and Jackson were both excited and occasionally confused at their very first ride. But they both appeared to be beaming with delight at the end. So I think that was a big success.

Unfortunately none of the photos I took of my little herd turned out very well. I will have to be a bit more organized next time.