Snorty Horses and a New Camera

I had to go and buy myself a new camera this week. A few weeks ago, when I had my unscheduled dismount from Dressy in the Vivian, I apparently deposited more then just my backside in the shrubbery. I had my little digital camera in my pocket too. And I came home without it. I guess I forgot to zip up the pocket.

The new camera is very small. It is a 16MP still camera and also does HD video. So of course I had to give it a bit of a test run. So here is a video of the horses being turned out into the pasture this afternoon.

And in case you are wondering how I fell off the damn horse…. have a look  She’s the tall, black, snorty one with her tail flagged . I think she needs to be ridden a bit more actually. She is just feeling WAY too good.