Should Be Fine

The vet was here and had a look at King. She thinks he will be fine. There is still quite a bit of swelling, but it has gone down to about half of what it was yesterday (probably from all the bute, which is an anti inflammatory). His gums and teeth appear to be okay, though she did say that if one of the roots is cracked it might not be apparent right away. He’s on antibiotics as she thinks some of the swelling could be a bit of infection. However she thinks that it’s primarily just trauma… badly bruised from the kick.

She is a dentist, and had a good look at Dressy’s teeth and also at Ares while she was here. Dressy has the usual sharp edges on top, and some hooks coming back. She gets those every year, so that’s what I expected.

Ares has quite a bit of stuff going on in his mouth, and definitely needs work. Nothing drastic, but just a lot of edges, hooks, etc. He loses a lot of food when he’s chewing, so I knew there was going to be work to do there. She’s offered a very considerable discount on Ares work, which is wonderful. I consider him one of my little charity cases, and I do expect to lose money on him. But it would be nice if he didn’t turn into a money pit. She knows though that I do this for a lot of Standardbreds, to try to get them on track to being useful, happy backyard and/or competition horses instead of ending up as meat or throwaways driven into the ground as buggy horses. So this is my vet’s contribution to my Standardbred rehab efforts. And it’s very much appreciated.