Riding in the Vivian Forest

I’ve gone over to the Vivian Forest to ride a couple of times this week. It is a beautiful place to ride. The footing is mostly sandy, and there’s a pond for the horses to drink from (though it’s often full of wet, gleeful Labrador Retrievers, sticks, and tennis balls)

Veronica had her first ride on these trails and was quite impressed by the beauty of the forest. Ella was, in a very Ella sort of way, alarmed by all the raucous dogs at the pond party, not to mention the guitar player. Ella’s alarm is manifested as a slight widening of her eyes and a momentary hesitation. Veronica thinks that it would take a serious predator (a grizzly perhaps?) to bestir Ella into actual flight. One would have to think that this may have contributed to Ella’s total failure as a (Standardbred) racehorse. Actually Ella didn’t even earn the title of racehorse. She was a failure at being a racehorse prospect long before she could go to an actual racetrack to qualify 🙂 However, she seems to be making a terrific start at being a bombproof trail horse prospect.

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