Return of the King

I haven’t been posting much about King lately, because really, I haven’t done much with him. But he’s been on the new diet for quite a while now, and has been looking good (well…. too chubby of course, but not stiff or tight). So with Dressy sticking a thorn in her knee last week, I took the bad boy out for a short ride. He was, of course, simply awful. Careening wildly around, buck jumping for fun, snorting at logs, star jumping at bird rustles, and generally just making me as insecure in the saddle as possible.

I was planning on riding Dressy today. But when I went out and had a look at her, she had a hind ankle that was a bit swollen. Doesn’t look like anything too serious… I suspect that all the muddy footing, now frozen into tiny craggy mountain ranges in her paddock is the culprit. She likely took a bad step. But I couldn’t ride her anyway. At least she’s saving all her little emergencies for the off-season!

So, being a glutton for punishment, I took King out again today. I thought he might be a little better since we had Diego’s company this time. And he actually was… marginally anyway. He only bucked once (though that was going down a hill… at an unrequested canter). He only spooked a dozen times or so, and none of them were his enormous 20 foot sideways teleports. And he never actually completely bolted away on me (though that was mostly because I kept running him into trees to slow him down). I did threaten him with a pelham wrapped in barbed wire at one point (I was KIDDING! sorta….).

I know, I know… he sounds dreadful. A couple of more rides, and he will settle back down to his usual reasonably steady self though. He is always a bit explosive when he’s been off for a long while like this. I think he gets bored when he’s not working and just can’t contain himself at first.

My boss suggested that I try longeing him before I ride. Which made me laugh “What and tire him out a bit first? He’s an Arab…. how long do you think THAT would take?”

The good news though, is that he seemed extremely SOUND. No muscle cramps. He was moving very freely (yeah, a bit TOO freely… I know). And he seemed happy to be out and checking out the trails. So that was quite cheering for me.