Reno is Accident Prone

Big ick factor in this post… so beware 🙂

So the little doofus has been at it again. Reno, the orphan foal that we bottle fed this past spring, has a bad little habit of flipping feed buckets with his nose. He really needs to be fed in a proper feed tub with multiple attachment points. But because he’s been in the arena with the other kids, we’ve been using rubber buckets hung by snaps to screw eyes.

A couple of days ago, in one of his overly enthusiastic flips, he caught his lower eyelid in a bucket snap. In his escape from the snap he ripped quite a good sized gash in the lid. None of us saw it happen, but it was obvious from the blood on the snap and the bucket what he’d done when I found him a few minutes later, eye swimming in blood.

He’s been on antibiotics for a couple of days, and the swelling has come down. The lid seems to be healing well, and the eye was not involved at all. So he’s in no danger of having his sight affected. We are washing the eye off twice a day with warm water and sterile gauze. He is really quite amazingly well behaved about that. He stands politely, with just the occasional mild flinch. He is possibly the most confident, unafraid horse I’ve ever met in my life. I don’t know if that’s all just orphan behaviour, or if he’s also a naturally confident guy. But it did seem, in the few hours before we lost his mama, that he was very confident even then. No sign of shyness or fear. He certainly doesn’t think people could or would ever hurt him.

Here is a photo of his eye today. I couldn’t bring myself to even take a photo of it before. It made me queasy to look at. And I’m not easy to unsettle.  It’s looking much less horrible now though.


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  1. Poor fellow. We have a horse that likes to flip things and get up to trouble too. Sometimes she shows up to feeding time with cactus spines in her face. She’s not a patient mare, but somehow, she too knows to stand stock still when I’m removing them. Horses might be smarter than we give them credit for.

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