Quarter Crack

King loves to be the center of attention. I haven’t been giving him much lately, so he has gotten creative. He’s managed to give himself a quarter crack. Well really… it’s a bit more than a quarter crack. He pretty nearly ripped off the heel portion of his left front hoof.

He has an old wire cut scar that cuts through the coronary band of that foot. It’s like having a scar in your cuticle interfering with fingernail growth. He always has a long groove and a slight crack there. Every now and then he steps on a rock the wrong way and pops it open. But this one is a doozy. Seeping blood. Imagine ripping half a fingernail off and having it drip blood. Very painful.

It’s my own fault. My farrier is very ill with cancer. And I’ve been procrastinating about getting a new farrier. I can and do trim my horses myself. But I still don’t have much strength in my left arm, and with six horses to trim I’ve been getting behind. King’s feet are atrociously overgrown. That puts extra pressure on the crack and encouraged it to split much worse than ever before.

I’ve scrubbed the foot, poulticed it with Animalintex, wrapped it in a plastic bag, wrapped that with vetrap, and then duct taped the whole thing. He’s now in a stall with hay. Two of his favourite things… food and his house. He’s gimpy but happy.