Progress, or the Lack Thereof

I can’t say that I’m accomplishing great things just at the moment. There’s something that’s just not quite right about the elbow. It feels fine until it extends to a certain point, and then it gets a very specific sharp pain right at the inside/rear of the joint. Which is the fracture site. My physiotherapist is quite unhappy about it. And has told me to wait for a CT scan before doing anymore exercises or stretches. I believe she’s worried that I may have a screw loose (no jokes allowed!!!). And of course, the CT scan taking a very long time to schedule. So I’m in a holding pattern.

But I continue to play with with both Venice and Diego as much as I can. Venice is just an incredibly shy mare. She improves incrementally every day. But what that means in practice is that I get perhaps an inch or two closer to her each day that I work with her. We’ve whittled that down from about 20 feet (when she arrived), to about 6 inches. And although I get very frustrated sometimes with the glacial pace, it’s a measurable improvement anyway. I can rub a longe whip or a parelli stick over her back, belly, hindquarters, neck and chest. But not yet her face. Today, using what was probably a nearly invisible system of advance and retreat, I retreated each time she turned her head towards me. Eventually she started taking tiny steps (really tiny!) towards me and I’d retreat slightly each time. That seemed to encourage her and she reached towards me very tentatively with her nose quite a few times. Of course every day we have to start again from scratch, so I will again be 6 feet from her when I go out tomorrow.

Diego got out for a little stroll on trail on Saturday on the lead shank. Anastasija took Ares, and Veronica took Ella. It was a good chance to inspect the trails here on the farm, which I haven’t ridden since late summer. They are a bit overgrown in a couple of places, and a few branches are down. But nothing too extreme. Ella was a little pushy on occasion, but calm. Ares was quite good. Diego and I discussed the issue of nudging. He tends to shove with his head. Very rude. But by the end of the walk, he was much improved.

On Sunday, Anastasija and Veronica went for a bit of a ride together for the first time. Both Ares and Ella were very well behaved. I stood out in a rather bitter wind and watched them circle the front field. Ares walks considerably faster than Ella, so Ana had to circle him a bit to keep from walking away. Ella was totally unconcerned and just ambled along at her own speed. She’s sure a placid little soul.