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The foals are all doing very well now. The orphan has tentatively been named Reno. One of his older brothers is Vegas, so it’s rather apt. He has a ton of personality. Or perhaps just an enormous ego with all the attention he gets. He does a little hungry dance at the door of his stall and nickers wildly whenever he sees or hears any human within range. He’s a bottomless pit. Not sure how many bottles he’s drinking in 24 hours, but Linda counted 27 during the day yesterday, which doesn’t include the night shift. She is spending most of her day purely as a milk assembly line for him.

He does have a bit of diarrhea, and we fed him some probiotics this morning. He did NOT approve of the flavour. And wow… he sure tells you how he feels. He was MAD. Bucking and spinning and trying to kick me as I left the stall (I wasn’t moving too slow either!).

Esmerelda, Exclusive's filly

The little filly has been named Esmerelda. She was cute when she was born, as all foals are. But she’s gorgeous now that she’s filled out a little bit. This filly is by far the most athletic of the three foals. She did a series figure 8s today around the pole at the center of the arena and her mom that were just lovely. Then she got excited and did flying lead changes, including some on every stride. Canter, canter, change! canter, canter, change! canter, change! change! change! canter. And every stride was perfect. She’s a little saucepot too.

Al, the chestnut colt has really come along. He was really quite stupid the first few days. But he’s perked up a lot and is now much brighter and more aware of everything around him. Today he stretched his legs in the arena and really ran. He doesn’t have Esmerelda’s agility and lightness, but he’s going to have a big, powerful stride and appears to be quite fast. And he’s very handsome now.

I keep meaning to take more pictures, but I just haven’t had much time. I will try to take more over the next few days.

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