New Myler Combo Bit

Dressy’s new Myler Combination bit arrived in the mail today.

She likes the Myler comfort snaffle, and is very happy with it. I’ve done a lot of miles with her in that. But she has absolutely no respect for it. I think it’s too similar to her old racing bits and she goes “up in the bridle” with it (pulls hard) when she gets excited. Which is something you like to see in a racehorse, but not so much in a riding horse.  A couple of weeks ago, I got tired of having to use so much muscle when she has a snitty fit, so I put King’s kimberwick bit on her. And wow, she just despises it. She’s fussy and cranky, tosses her head around and pins her ears. It does provide me with a bit more response when I need it, but it’s definitely not the right bit for her.

I rode her in a borrowed Myler Combo bit for much of one season, and that worked really nicely for both of us. I get a good response from her when I need it. But she also likes it and relaxes well with it. I think it’s different enough from a racing bit (due to the nose and poll pressure) that she doesn’t automatically pull against it.

Given how much she hated the kimberwick, and how much I’ve grown to dislike riding her in the comfort snaffle, it seemed best to just break down and pay for the bit that works.