More Horse Music

As promised, here are a few more horse songs…

Black Pony Blues
Arthur Crudup
(This one’s for Dressy!)

Procol Harum
Conquistador, your stallion stands, in need of company…

Pony Blues
Son House
I say, the pony I’m ridin’, he can fox-trot, he can lope and pace
You know, a horse with them many gaits, you know, I’m bound to win the race
He’s a travelin’ horse an’ he don’t deny his name…

Ballad of a Runaway Horse
Emmylou Harris (written by Leonard Cohen)
(Sure wish I could sing like Emmylou!)

Kasey Chambers
When I grow up I want a pony. I’m gonna ride her from dusk til dawn. I’m gonna brush her mane. And feed her sugar cane. And keep her in safe from the storm …