Leading Venice Outside

Between the mares foaling at work, and trying to get some riding time into Diego before Aprilfest (which is this coming weekend), I haven’t had time to work with Venice for a while. Today though, I worked with her in the stall for a few minutes, then decided to try taking her outside again (which we’ve only done once and that was just outside and right back in).

I use the 22 foot line with her, so that I can give her lots of run out room and space if need be. She likes me, but she likes me best if I’m not crowding her too much. She’s timid, though she tries very hard to do what I ask. So I use quite light pressure. We do a lot of “ask and wait”.

To get her out of the stall, I back well away from the stall door and ask her to come through. She is very hesitant, but comes out step by step. Then we do the same thing to get out the front door (a narrow human-sized door). Once outside, she looked overwhelmed and trembly, but she didn’t spook or bolt. Just followed me with her back all stretched out and her hind legs trailing about a mile behind her.

I gave Jen my phone to get a video clip of the last couple of minutes. I know she looks very unsure, but there’s been a massive improvement over the last few weeks, even without consistent daily work lately. I’m quite happy with how she’s coming along now.

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  1. I love how patient you are with her. Poor thing. It’s shame this happened to her. She’s a lovely horse and seems like she’s very willing under all the fear. Good work.

    1. Thanks Dom! She is definitely a very sweet-natured girl. She always tries hard to do what I ask and has never shown the least sign of aggression. It really is a shame that she was never handled. And there were so many others from the same place… not all have been as lucky as Venice unfortunately 🙁

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