Just Dump the Safety Equipment

Considering the lack of energy lately on King’s part, I have been getting a bit lax about his tack. Today I left off the breast collar and the running martingale when I took him out. Just the plain snaffle bridle too, instead of the kimberwicke.

And of course… he was pretty darned sprightly. I even made a joke about it to Misha before I got on him. Something to the effect of “maybe this will give him some energy”. Sort of like washing your car to make it rain. He was snorting softly from the first step. Snort, snort, SNORT. I always know he’s happy when he starts that. His trots all turned into canters, and he had one fair sized spook (no idea what triggered it either). He’d have broken into a very joyous gallop if I’d given him a quarter inch of rein.

Usually I curse him when he’s like that. But today it was just nice to see a trace of my old wickedly happy Arab, instead of the flat, depressed horse he’s been all season. He was actually pretty energetic yesterday too when I took him out. He’s very up and down, but since the diet started, he does seem to be having more ups than downs. And this was probably the best day we’ve had in a couple of months. Hopefully they will start to happen a bit more often.

I also noticed that all his various lumps (most likely melanomas) have subsided some. This does seem to happen from time to time. The lumps all grow, then after a few weeks or months, they shrink a bit.