Here Comes Aprilfest

Tomorrow is that start of our ride season here in Ontario. I’m always excited and very disorganized for the first ride of the year. I have to reassemble all my trailer and horse camping gear. Get groceries for me, groceries for Dressy, clothes for me, clothes for Dressy. You sure have to take a lot of STUFF when you camp with your horse.

So the plan is to do a 12 mile Set Speed on Saturday. It starts at 1:15pm. We are going to have to do it fairly quickly, because we are then going to be entered in the 12 mile Ride n Tie at 4pm. So we are going to have to scamper through that final vet check after the Set Speed ride. Yikes. Chrystal’s daughter Emily will be my running partner. And when I say that, I do mean the “running” part. Emily will be the primary runner. I’m pathetic on my own two feet. She loves running though, and actually does it for ***fun***!

Sunday we will do the 25 Set Speed. Not sure if I will enter the bronze or the silver level. Bronze is 7mph, and Silver is 8mph. She’s capable of either level. But I am working on keeping her steady and relaxed on trail. So I will likely wait until I see how she does Saturday before deciding what level to enter. If she relaxes and doesn’t revert to race brain, we might step up.

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