Haying. Yuck.

Every year I try to convince myself that haying is not so bad. Just once a year and then it’s mostly over. But you know…. I freaking HATE haying season. My back is aching, my thighs are sore, my sinuses are blocked, and I am covered in little red scratchy bumps. I am however clean now after a truly rapturous soak in my clawfoot bathtub.

If I ever win the lottery, it’s not going to be boats, and cars, and fancy toys that I spend money on first. It’s going to be a hayloft full of an entire year’s worth of premium hay stacked by a bunch of strong young guys. I will sit in a lawn chair and sip iced tea with my feet up and watch.

In the meantime… back to haying tomorrow.

2 Replies to “Haying. Yuck.”

  1. Blah, I’m with ya, Deanna. Gosh I hate hay season! And its always so HOT and HUMID putting up hay, combined with a hay loft, and the itchy red bumps. I’ve gotten to the point now where I have to wear a mask, I can’t breath for days afterward and my lungs burn from the dust. So that makes it twice as hot when you are breathing in one of those masks.

    1. Oh yeah… gross. I’ve tried those masks and I really can’t breathe in them. But it definitely would be better if I could… I’ve been coughing since last night and can’t seem to get my lungs cleared out.

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