Foal Update

On Thursday afternoon when we brought the horses in, I thought Diva looked a bit flat. And then I heard her grind her teeth. Which would indicate that she’d developed ulcers. We were quite alarmed and took her temperature. 103.5. Damn it. Boss called the vet immediately.

The vet was at another call very near by, so it didn’t take him long to get there. He was alarmed too after we lost Delilah to very similar (but worse) symptoms just a few days ago. He treated Diva a bit differently though. I am going by memory, so I might have it wrong, but I think he gave her metronidizole, and amikin, as well as one other antibiotic (maybe ampicillin?). Plus banamine and omeprazole. He also treated Max, who had a temperature of 102. That’s not high enough to be a concern since normal foal temperatures can be up to 101.5. But no one wanted to take a chance that he might get whatever that bug was.

The boss has been staying in the apartment over the barn to monitor the foaling mares and newborns (with a foaling camera system). So he kept an eye on her overnight. I suspect he got very little sleep that night. But by morning she seemed to be over the worst of it. When I got in at around 6 am, her temp was down to 101.5, and her pulse was down to around 76 (which is normal for a foal – they are normally about double the rate of an adult horse). She was still somewhat quieter than normal going out. But definitely brighter than the night before.

Max was a little demon going out. Rearing and charging off in all directions at once. So I’m fairly certain that he felt perfectly fine.

I’ve been away for the weekend, but I’ve had a couple of updates by text, and it sounds like they are both doing fine. Which is a big relief.

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