Finally Back to Work

Yesterday I went back to work. My left arm is still very weak, by the end of the morning it was a little limp. But the elbow didn’t hurt. It was all a bit stiff this morning, but that worked out of it after an hour or so. I get tomorrow and Monday off, then back to regular work days again starting Tuesday. I think as long as I pace myself, it will hold up and the muscle strength should return. I was off for six months so it’s no surprise that it was so weak.

I had a chance to watch my kids in training. Reno, Al, and Esmerelda (who are two-year-olds now) are just being backed. Al is being a star. Willing, forward, and cooperative. Esmerelda is very good too, though she occasionally has a strong opinion about something. Reno is… well… a lot like his older brothers. Sigh. The rider who is coming in to start them called him “bone idle”. Which about covers it. A great deal of encouragement is required. But not too much or he just gets mulish, balky and mad. Monster and Vegas are Reno’s older brothers. And the whole lot of them really are bone idle lazy. Vegas outgrew his laziness, and Monster has improved some. So hopefully Reno will do the same. On a more positive note, he is turning into a very classy looking horse. He is easily standing 16.2hh already, and he looks like he’s still got some growing to do. Al is about the same. They are going to be a very imposing pair of horses!

Freeman and Winchester, the three-year-olds, are also being ridden regularly. They’ll be heading down to the track this spring for the first time. Though it will be quite some time before they actually race.

Freeman, who was a bit of a disaster as a yearling (horrible legs, and horrible brain) has improved beyond all recognition. His legs, while not exactly correct, are not at all frightening to look at anymore. And since he moves like a floating dream, he’s not likely to be hard on himself. He was a fairly crazy yearling. Uncatchable, unholdable, and an outrageously enthusiastic kicker. But some subversive clicker training really made a difference to his attitude about halters and humans, and since then he’s probably become the most cooperative of all the boys.

Winchester is quite handsome, but he really always was. He’s Loula’s firstborn. Loula is utterly gorgeous, and has passed on her glorious chromed chestnut good looks to him. He’s a whole lot nicer than Loula though. I call him “Cowpony”, because he is so mellow.

Monster and William, the four-year-olds are going back down to the track too of course. They went down last fall, but didn’t have enough training time to actually get to the races. They should this year though. I will definitely want to travel down for their first starts. Monster of course is my personal favorite of all of them. Big handsome lazy bum that he is.

Monster as a baby, back when he had energy
Monster as a baby, back when he had energy

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  1. Reno see’s no point in rushing around in a circle and ending up in the same place you started. I just hope he feels differently when the shape changes to an oval 🙂

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