Farrier Visit and the Weather

Wow… Winter has returned. Or maybe I should say “arrived”, since we really didn’t have much of one this year. Yesterday was sort of horrible. Snow that was melting on the ground. And on the horses. Cold and windy too.

The horses have mostly lost their winter coats. Dressy is as slick as glass. And King is pretty much shedded out too. Dressy wasn’t wet or cold of course because she’s still heavily blanketed in my attempt at acclimating her to heat before the competition season starts. And she owns the run in shelter anyway, being the Queen of the Universe and all. So she was dry and comfy.

But King and Ares were outside when I went out in the afternoon to get them in for the farrier. King went in his stall to await his turn. He looked a little unhappy at being wet, but otherwise fine. When we brought him back out to do his feet though, there was a cold draft from the front door (which is broken at the moment so won’t stay closed) and he started shaking. And tucking his butt under himself. And then when the farrier picked up his right hind, his left hindquarter cramped up and he almost fell down. The farrier switched to the other hind and managed to trim it. But I told him just to stop at that point. They were trimmed but not rounded off or tidied, and I didn’t think it was important enough to make him stand there any longer. I bundled him up in a winter blanket and put him in his stall for the night.

He was much better within about an hour, and hollering for his dinner. Which was a relief, since this is exactly the sort of situation that seems to trigger colic in him. My little hothouse flower…