Dressy is Going To Guelph

Over the weekend I checked Dressy’s heart often. Possibly even obsessively. She really never sounded right. Sometimes a bit better than other times. But not normal.

I called my vet this morning first thing. He came out to check her. Listened to her heart. Heard the same thing I did. Had me trot her out. Listened again. Said it got much worse after that short little trot. And she was already huffing and puffing.

He’s making an appointment for Dressy to go to Guelph (to the University vet clinic) for assessment. Her heart is not sounding right. He is not sure exactly what is going on, but one possibility is Atrial Fibrillation (which is serious but probably treatable).

Whatever it is, Dressy is out of action for a while. Definitely no fifty on Saturday.

7 Replies to “Dressy is Going To Guelph”

  1. Sorry to hear Dressy’s having problems. Must be an awful worry. Hope she’s back in shape in no time.

  2. Sorry to hear, Deanna – Hope it turns out to be something treatable and uncomplicated.

  3. So sorry to hear this… I know of people with Atrial Fib, never heard of a horse having it… didn’t know it could happen to a horse.. keeping fingers crossed for you.

  4. Heart problems are so scary. I burst into tears the first time we caught Ozzy’s arhythmia. Fingers crossed for results at the clinic.

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