Diego’s Little Holiday

After coming up lame at the last ride, and putting me through a bit of minor hysteria (thinking it was his hocks), it does seem as though Diego has a groin injury or something in that general area. I’ve talked to quite a few vets now and all of them have agreed that a groin pull would cause quite alarming flexion tests in both hinds. And since the ride vet who saw him actually lame at the ride said at the time it looked like groin as well, we are proceeding on that basis.

As close as I can estimate, it’s about six weeks since the injury. So yesterday I did flexion tests on him and had Veronica trot him out for me. He was still lame on both hinds, but he was vastly improved. The left was consistent but very very slight. The right was inconsistent and I might have missed it if I wasn’t looking hard. That’s a huge improvement from the awkward skipping lameness he showed when the vet did the tests on him a few weeks ago.

Afterwards, I palpated high up into the groin. He didn’t mind me checking the right. But he was tense when I pushed up high into the inside of his left hind. He let me do it, but he was pretty shifty about it.

So his holiday continues for a while yet. The last vet I talked to warned me that groin injuries are slow and that I’d be better off to leave him about twice as long as seems necessary. She said that people often bring a horse back into work too quickly and that can make the injury chronic. I definitely want to avoid that.