6 Replies to “Delilah is Gone”

    1. She was pretty sick yesterday with some sort of GI tract infection. The vet came and gave her antibiotics and other stuff. I guess she took a turn for the worse in the night. The boss was up with her a few times. But eventually went to sleep. And so did she. She just didn’t wake up again.

  1. Oh, never mind, I was reading backward and caught up. I’m so sorry. Bernice doesn’t sound much like broodmare material. I wonder if poor Delilah had some sort of internal injury. Poor baby …..

    1. Bernice is a lunatic that’s for sure. But she’s a handsome, talented lunatic who adores her kids to the point of madness. The first of her kids will go to the track this year and we’ll see. But her babies all look pretty awesome too. So we are going to have to find a way to manage her idiocy. Anyway, the vet didn’t think there were any serious injuries. He said that we would have to keep a careful eye on her with this infection… it can turn fatal very fast with foals. And that’s pretty much what happened.

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