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Oh. My. God. We had three foals in 10 hours at work. That is… all three of the mares we had due this year.. all foaled the SAME day.

First came Freckles at about 5:30 this morning. Then Exclusive foaled without anyone noticing… out in the run in shed around lunch time. I found them a few minutes after the filly was born and we scooted them both into the barn. Also brought in Bernice. Lucky thing. Because Bernice foaled two hours later.

I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck.

I am working on uploading pics.

Freckles Has a Colt

Just got a text from Linda. Freckles has a boy (again! poor mare). I will take my camera and put up some pics this afternoon.

Foal Watch

Bernice on the left, Exclusive on the right. They are half sisters.

The mares at work are starting to go overdue. Well… two of them are anyway. Freckles and Bernice. Exclusive is getting near her due date.

Bernice seems to be in denial. “Pregnant? Who me?” She was rolling in the snow this morning and jumped up afterwards snorting and cavorting. But Freckles, poor girl, is miserable. Her legs are all stocked up, and her belly is enormous.

Freckles, looking huge and miserable. She's a few days overdue.

Last year there was only one foal, so it’s going to be fun having a little herd of them this year again. Last year’s little boy was Winchester. He’s a very handsome fellow, and quite cockily confident.

Winchester playing with the fork. He also tried the getting in the wheelbarrow trick.