Cat Help

I have a friend whose family used to keep goats. Goats are friendly little demons and always VERY interested in whatever you are doing. So anything productive that a human might do is very interesting to a goat. They like to “help”. And so, within my friend’s family, enthusiastic help that is in fact highly obstructive is known as “goat help”.

At work in the mornings, I often think of those goats. I think of them when DUSTY is around. He’s our barn cat. And he likes to “help”. He moves around the stall, parking on top of whatever section of the stall I’m trying to clean. Perhaps he’s showing me where the dirty stuff is? It really is very like my cat at home (Taz the Cat) who likes to park on my laptop keyboard. While I’m typing on it.

Cat logic escapes me. Cat help does not.

My little helper

And because this is, after all, a horse blog… Here is a photo of the occupant of the above messy stall. Bernice’s yearling son, Albert. And yes, he’s very tall!

Albert the Great

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  1. Cute – cats are such good helpers. lol. My 3 cats have been helping me pack for our move. I’ve had to extract cats from boxes, peel packing tape off fur and rescue one that slipped in between a big stack of boxes. *sigh* đŸ™‚

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