Brooke is Home From the Hospital

Wouldn’t it be nice to be that young again? Young enough that you heal fast and sound cheerful 12 days after nearly killing yourself on a motorcycle?

I just spoke to Brooke on the phone, and she sounds massively better than when I visited her in the intensive care unit. She says it hurts to sneeze (can’t imagine why? only 11 broken ribs…), and she’s bored and frustrated at not being able to do anything. But she sounds like her usual cheerful self. And she’s already plotting ways to get herself UNgrounded from feeding treats to the horses (I had to put my foot down over the marshmallows and the fruit roll-ups the last time she was here before the crash).

Misha went to see her last night and presented the purple biothane bridle that she scored at the used tack sale last weekend. The kid loves purple and is planning to have Dressy fully empurpled by next season. So it sounds like that was a very successful gift.

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