Breaking Through to the Little Mare

Finally, FINALLY, Venice has come out of her shell a tiny bit. This evening, after a ton of gentle advance and retreat, Dressy started interfering (as she regularly does – a bit possessive, that mare!) over the stall wall. She likes to put her head in between Venice and I, blocking my view with her big black head, and glaring at poor Venice.

So I turned and pushed Dressy’s head back over the wall and Venice sneaked up behind me and sniffed my elbow. I looked over my shoulder and she backed off. So I turned away again and gave Dressy a lecture. Which really emboldened Venice. Eventually she examined most of my back, my left arm, my hair, my ear (hard not to giggle when horses do that… between the tickly whiskers and the snuffling!) and even the side of my face.

I was so excited that it was hard to stay still and ignore her. But she continued exploring me for a good five minutes. I still can’t put my hands on her in any way, or move too close to her. But this is still a big step forward!