Bold Bold Princess Babycat

For the first five days, the kitten was a limp, passive little soul. She slept most of the time, and even when awake, she just drifted about, observing the world with mild interest. Well, no longer!

She wakes up every morning with a vengeance. Careening wildly around the kitchen under my feet, she squawks, and sproings, and launches herself wildly off walls in her excitement that the people are finally AWAKE. Parkour kitten.

Taz the Cat, who is, as always, proving himself to be a Most Excellent Cat, is taking the brunt of all this quivering excitement. Princess Babycat thinks that he is really quite amusing. She stalks him fiercely. “I could KILL you!” she tells him, while he stares back into her tiny little murderous face with equanimity. “Really?” He says, unimpressed. “How terrifying (yawn) you are”.

He will occasionally bestir himself to swat her when she gets TOO saucy. But mostly he observes tolerantly. And once in a while he tries to play with her. You would think the kitten would like that, but she actually gets a bit overwhelmed and runs off after a second or two. Much to Taz’s disappointment. He is not a young cat, but watching him play, you’d never guess it.

Princess Babycat is now at least double the size she was a month ago when she arrived. She eats vast quantities of kitten food, and has discovered the location of Taz the Cat’s food too. Taz was a bit put out about that. But then he discovered the location of the kitten food (on the kitchen counter, where he is NOT allowed!), so he is not missing any calories as a result.

She likes to visit Jen, who lives upstairs. But she is going to make herself unpopular if she doesn’t learn some manners. A few days ago, she was apprehended in the act of dragging her kill (cooked hamburger patty) across the veldt (floor). It’s lucky the patty was heavy enough to slow her down so Jen could catch her, because she is usually a barely visible little streak when she’s running off with things.

So I would say, for those of you who keep asking, that the kitten is doing well 🙂

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  1. Oh boy does that kitten ever look happy. I would like to see a video of the look on Jenny’s face when the bad little kitten took off with her burger…

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