Baby Horses

All three foals that we were expecting at work have now arrived. All big, healthy, and very very cute.

First was Lila. She is Loula’s baby, and is pretty much the spitting image of Loula. She’s also a right little demon. Loves people, has no fear of anything, and is ready to take on the world. She’s already packed a lot of action into her short little life. Last night she came into the stall behind her mother, on her hind legs, pawing like Trigger. Watching her in the field is actually a bit frightening… she runs like a missile and brakes hard at the last minute, bouncing a bit since she hasn’t mastered a sliding stop… stopping just about an inch from the fence. Here are a couple of quick shots from my phone that I took of her this morning.



Second was Desi. He is Dora’s little colt. He’s a bit smaller than the two fillies. But very handsome, with a beautiful face… very like his mother’s. His pasterns were very weak behind on the first day, but he’s already coming up nicely as he gets stronger. The vet says that he will grow out of that very quickly, so no worries. He’s much quieter than that careening little hellion, Lila. Quite a little gentleman. Here he is today, posing perfectly for the camera.



And finally yesterday, Bernice had her filly. She was born outside (accidentally), so I was able to get some better pics than usual of the first few minutes. Usually they are born in a stall, which is pretty dark for picture taking. Zara was born at around 4pm in the bright sunshine though. Again, she’s very like her mother. Tall and rather elegant with long, long legs. Click any pic for larger versions.

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  1. I have a new found appreciation for just how much work those mares have to do with their foals. When you think how many of us it took to take care of Little Orphan Reno…

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