Apparently Al is a Liver Chestnut

Bernice and Al arrived back home yesterday. Bernice (Affair At Midnight) is one of the broodmares at work. She’s been away for breeding. Al is her foal.

We haven’t seen Al for quite a while and though he went away a bright red chestnut, it looks like he’s shedding out to a liver chestnut. Which is going to make him pretty spectacular I think.

Al is by Alumni Hall (thus the name… clever isn’t it? Yeah, not so much… the boss picked it LOL!), a son of A.P. Indy.

He was being very social today. Here he is meeting Paris (one of our three year old fillies).

All the meeting and greeting set off a total silly attack amongst the mares. Dora and Loula are both young mares fairly recently off the track. Given that even our old mares are capable of some high energy routines, it’s not surprising that these two were strutting their stuff.

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  1. Al has turned out to be a perfectly normal red chestnut. His coat comes in quite dark and fades to red quickly. Despite being a regular colour though… he’s a spectacular two year old. Tall (closing in on 17hh) and racy with a huge stride. And a very nice horse to work with.

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