A Painting of King

My mother really liked a photo that I sent her of King and I. It was taken a few years ago when I was doing some groundwork with him. He was in a good mood, and paying careful attention to me. I was actually looping the lead rope around his neck at the time, but it does look as though I am hugging him (and I will admit to the occasional horse hug!).

Anyway, Mom had an artist friend of hers, Eleanore Dempster, do a painting from it. I am really quite taken with it. Isn’t it lovely? This was when King still had some charcoal grey on his face, and Eleanore really caught the marbling effect that I always liked so well. I miss his dapples and marbling now that he’s all snowy white.

Eleanore has a profile page on the Osoyoos & District Arts Council website. She has some lovely work displayed there, go and have a look!


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  1. Great picture of the two of you – I remember the dapples; so prominent and you with your long hair!

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