A Nail Through the Foot

Yesterday, when Veronica was here, she cleaned Ella’s feet as usual. This time though, she found something very frightening. A nail. Straight up through the frog of Ella’s left front foot. It was a roofing nail, one inch long. The barn roof was replaced in November, and although the crew was actually quite careful (they laid tarps out all around the barn to catch debris, tried not to drop anything, and cleaned up well afterwards), apparently one got away from them.

When the nail was removed, it bled fresh, bright red blood. So it couldn’t have been in there for a terribly long time. The nail itself was bright and shiny with no rust and was very clean coming out. All good signs. We scrubbed the foot out thoroughly, poulticed it with Animalintex, and put vetwrap, duct tape, and an old EasyBoot on it. The vet gave her shots of penicillin, gentimicin, and a tetanus booster (she had one in the early summer too, but he wanted to be safe).

The vet is hopeful that the nail missed any critical structures, since in went in through the thickest part of the frog, just off the centerline. But we will not know that positively for about five days. She’s on daily shots of penicillin and gentimicin twice a day (both antibiotics) for the full five days.

Ella is pretty unhappy that she’s locked up in a stall, but we need to be sure the foot stays scrupulously clean. Just keeping our fingers crossed now. If it goes bad, it will be a few days before it happens. So we wait and watch.

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  1. Horses are able to find trouble even when you think none exists. We have our fingers crossed for Ella, at least it looks like you found it right away.

  2. Good to hear that so far so good. How cranky is she getting? Or she starting to muck the stall herself, outta boredom? hehehehe.

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