A Moderately Good Day

King was a little flat today. But to be honest, I would have considered this quite a good day a month ago. He was willing to trot along some. And cantered a bit here and there. Not enthusiastically, but reasonably willing. No stopping, and no obvious cramping.

We are only doing a couple of miles a day (3.5 today). So he’s not doing a lot. But I’m being really careful about riding him daily. If I can’t ride, I lunge him. Or get someone (Misha or Jen) to do it for me if I’m away. Mostly though, I ride, because we are both bored unto death by going around in circles.

I’m pretty happy with the progress in the last week. He had five really good days in a row. Most of his hind end muscles are starting to feel more pliable. I thought his gracilis muscles on both sides (the insides of his thighs) were tight, but all the outer muscles were still feeling softer today.

Overall, I’m starting to have some hope. Whether or not he actually has EPSM (which is rare in Arabs), the EPSM diet seems to be making a real difference to his symptoms.