A Little Motivation

Endurance Granny has set up something she calls the Big Bad Blogger’s Distance Race. It is a year-long competition to see who can log the most miles (using a GPS preferably) in the saddle. It’s open to anyone who writes a blog and rides a horse. Which is me. Well… so long as they are not a professional/champion endurance rider of course, Which is not me 🙂   I signed up of course, since it sounded both fun, and more importantly, motivation to get out and ride when the conditions maybe are not so tempting.

The competition started yesterday (December 1). But Dressy of course, with her swollen knee is out of action for a few more days yet. So… King, who has been laid off for a couple of months (mostly just because I have some trouble motivating myself enough to actually ride two horses regularly), was put back to work.

He was very happy to come in and be fussed over. He really would love to be a show pony. Loves being brushed and polished and fluffed. Would adore glitter polish and tinsel bows. Costume class would be perfect for him. Although I might have trouble getting him to move if there was a mirror anywhere in sight. He’s absolutely entranced by his own reflection and I can’t imagine how riveted he’d be by a glittery version of himself.  When he was getting dressage lessons, he had some trouble with the mirror in the arena… he kept stopping to kiss and admire the stunningly beautiful grey horse he saw there.  A mutual admiration society… King was in heaven.

Anyway, he did NOT look like a show pony when I brought him in.  It poured rain the other day, and the barn paddock is ankle deep and more in thick clay mud. So it took some work to get him clean enough to tack him up. I am going to have to put a rain sheet on him if I’m going to have time to ride him (Dressy too). Otherwise I’ll be grooming all the damn time.

We didn’t go far. Just three miles. Enough for his first day back. With the muscle problems he’s had, I am planning on going slow and steady. There’s no goal in mind with King… just trying to work through his issues and get his fitness up and weight down.

Of course planning to go slow, when King hasn’t been out for a long time, can be a futile proposition. I did manage to keep him walking for the most part.  The footing was soggy and quite slippery so any sort of speed wouldn’t have been safe anyway. But really, he doesn’t cooperate very well. We went around in circles a few times. Several buck jumps. A couple of short bolts (cut off by heading him into trees). And lots of sideways careening. For a simple three mile walk, he came back QUITE sweaty. LOL