A Few Pictures of Venice

I took some new photos of Venice (Woizero) today. She’s looking good. Her coat is quite metallic, and she has dapples. Her feet are, of course, appallingly overgrown. She is still much too shy and wild to allow me to pick up her feet, much less trim them. They are starting to chip off a little bit now that she’s spending more time outside though.

(Click on any of the thumbnail pics to get a closer look.)

2 Replies to “A Few Pictures of Venice”

  1. Get some rompun and torbugesic from a friendly vet. 50/50 mix. Get her feet done with that. Nancy

    1. I am sort of planning on getting her teeth done in the fairly near future. I think I could likely get a needle into her (with a bit of prep work), but only IM. Getting into a vein would be really tricky. So if I get her teeth done, I’ll likely do her feet at the same time… while she’s still out of it. Maybe 🙂

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