A Few Photos

These are a few random photos of Venice and Wise Affair from the last couple of days.

Venice is my little feral Arab mare. Since she’s now semi-catchable (with patience and a bit of time), I am putting her out in the barnyard during the day. Although it was never too obvious in the photos at the time, Venice was rather underweight when she arrived (though not nearly so bad as Wise Affair). She’s filled out quite a bit, and possibly even grown a bit too. She looks a little taller to me now. Not that I was able to put a measuring stick anywhere near her until very recently!



Wise Affair is the thoroughbred at work who arrived emaciated on April 26. You can see her at her worst… when her hair fell out here (though she’d already put some weight on by then). We think she’s probably put on a good 150 pounds in a month. Some of that was likely hydration of course. She drank vast amounts of water in the first few days. She still has quite a bit of weight to put on yet. But she is not appalling to look at anymore.