A Big Day With Venice!!!

Venice is really progressing now. After working through the same exercises as yesterday (flapping lunge whip, parelli stick, and rope around her neck), I pulled a bit on the rope and asked her to face me.

venice 015

She is getting very good at this. I have made sure to give her a bit of a release from pressure every time she has made an effort to look at me, face me, or step towards me. Today, she showed me just how much she understands that idea. I stepped towards her while maintaining soft pressure on the rope. She was quite intimidated, but rather than fly backwards, she picked up one front foot and while leaning backwards, she stretched her toe forward. I was very impressed at that, and immediately stepped back. She relaxed. I stepped forward, and again she rocked back while stepping one foot forward. Yep. She definitely got that she had to give me forward motion in some form to remove the human from her space. Smart little cookie!

With some repeated advance and retreat, I managed to get this:

venice 021

Do you see my hand ON HER NECK???? That’s a very big moment for us!

Luckily Anastasia was here today, so I gave her the camera and she was able to take a couple of short video clips of our great accomplishment 🙂


She really is a darling little mare.

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