Still No Riding, But Lots of Pictures

The footing here is still dreadful. It has snowed, and in places the snow has stuck to the ice. But there are polished sections of ice hidden under the snow in any of the well-travelled areas, and in the fields there are two layers of very hard, very thick ice over layers of snow. The ice is hard enough that sometimes it will hold a horse’s weight, and sometimes it won’t.  It’s just completely unsafe for the horses.  My hay guy told me that he was asking our local dead stock removal guy if he was busy. And yes… very busy. Lots of catastrophic injuries to horses and cattle from the ice.

So I think the entire winter is going to be a washout for riding. Unless we get a massive thaw at some point.  I work on the computer a lot, so I really miss being outside riding.  I’ve been taking lots of pictures to get myself outdoors. Each batch gets a little better as I understand how to set the ISO, white balance, shutter speed/aperture, etc. to deal with the blinding white of winter scenes. 

Twister and McCool have been galloping around in little circles in the side paddock (which, since it was trampled down throughout all the storms, is relatively safe albeit very small).  McCool is looking exceptionally sprightly and cheerful these days. It’s a bit scary to think about riding him again actually! I attribute that to both the extensive dental work, and the chiropractic adjustments. He is one HAPPY guy these days.  Venice goes out with those two boys for the day. I think she gets pretty disgusted with their antics. But it doesn’t seem to have any dampening effect on either of them. 

Diego is fatter than I have ever seen him. He’s an A-framed and very lanky Arab. Very prone to worry his weight off.  I manage him as if he has ulcers (no medication, but lots of forage, beet pulp, and probiotics as needed… stress management, 24 hour turnout, etc.)   He has no visible ribs now. In fact, at this point he doesn’t even have detectable ribs. I was poking and prodding at him the other day and couldn’t find them. He’s very round looking.  He’ll lose some of that once the ride season starts. But I am very glad for him to have that buffer.

I am going to be starting a short course on basic digital photography tomorrow. So I am hoping to get a bit better at all this. But here are some photos from yesterday…    You guys are welcome to critique them if you see errors that I’m making 🙂   Click on the pics for a closer look.


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  1. Your photos look great! Love the side-swept forelock on fuzzy Diego. This is my first trip to your blog and I’m really impressed. 🙂 I just Tweeted yesterday that I need a photography class (my Doberman and I started beginning agility this week–I took some terrible photos with the cell phone). I hope you enjoy your new course. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Susan! I am on day four of my course and it’s been GREAT so far. If you are ever looking for one… is the course I’m watching online. It’s very comprehensive and I am somewhat concerned that my brain will explode 🙂 But I already have a lot of ideas of how to improve my photos. I had a quick look at your blog and love the dance article. Will go and read more once the course is over for today…

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