Spook Busting

I ride Arabs. And much as it pains me to admit it, since I love Arabs, they can be a little bit spooky.  Not all of them, and not all the time. But they are definitely not dull horses.

Consequently, I do spend some time working out spooking issues. I’ve been reading a lot of training books lately, and watching the occasional video too. I really enjoyed this particular series of videos on spook training from Jason Webb, who is an Australian trainer now based in the UK. His specialty is starting young horses.

It’s a very quiet, methodical set of strategies that starts on the ground, and then moves on to ridden work.



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  1. *lol* “That could have gone horribly wrong.” My favorite part was when he taught the horse to work through fear by directing, but not putting any pressure on, so the horse can build his courage (to touch/jump the tarp) and not lose trust in the rider.

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