Suspended Registration

Well. Bloody marvelous. Venice (Woizero) has had her Arabian registration papers suspended. She had a foal at her side when I got her. Another lady bought the filly at the same time that I took Venice. Now the filly’s DNA test has come back “inconclusive”. The lab figured out first of all that the sire of the filly was not Fabio as the breeder thought, but Komiss, another stallion on the same farm. But the mare was still coming back as a mismatch. More research turned up an exact match between Venice’s DNA and her older full sister. In other words, the DNA sample that was sent in to the registry was actually her older sister’s sample. Or… the older sister was registered with Venice’s sample. Or… some other unknown sample was used for both mares. The breeder thinks that it was just a mixup and she sent in the older sister’s sample for both mares. Which she apparently remembers from 3-4 years ago (whenever she registered them). This is the same breeder who mixed up her stallions, so I am less than supremely confident that she has a clue.

The next step is to re-test Venice and try to identify her correct parentage. Which requires a DNA kit ($89.25). The registry sends that to me, and I submit it to the lab in Ottawa. It’s going to take months.

I told the registry that I think the breeder should have to pay for another round of testing, not me. And they agreed to at least try to assess her for it.

So at this point, I don’t actually know who Venice’s sire and dam are. There is a possibility that this will not get sorted out at all and Venice will have no papers. Meanwhile, Venice’s daughter is also in registration limbo until Venice’s papers are restored.

In the good news department though, I’ve been able to turn Venice out in the small barnyard and catch her again to bring her in. She is standing pretty well for grooming out in the barn aisle, though I can’t yet go below her knees or on the front of her face. I can toss a cloth on her back and flap a rope or bounce a stick off her neck, back, hindquarters, and even her ears and face. I have to go slowly and rhythmically, but as long as she expects it, she holds steady.

Today I worked on backing. She very quickly learned to back from a touch on the chest. After a bit of initial alarm, she grew quite pleased at her own genius. By the end of our short session, she was taking three fluid steps back with just a very light touch. She nods her head as she gains confidence, which is rather charming. “Yes! I AM a clever girl!”

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  1. Love the “less than supremely conifent that she has a clue” comment. Made me chuckle πŸ™‚ I hope she was just a tad clueless given your description of her breeding stategy and not flat out devious about the DNA samples and registering. The cynic in me is doubtful πŸ™ I have had experience with a less than ethical breeder of golden retrievers. At any rate I hope it gets worked out!

    It really is fantastic to see Venice coming along nicely! I am glad for the opportunity to be an “eye witness” to her taming, so to speak πŸ™‚

  2. I am really enjoying this blog Deanna — will be working with Coblet this summer, so reading this is a good reminder —
    All that registration stuff! that breeder sounds a bit overwhelemed LOL

    good luck for getting it all done and sorted!


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