Wise Affair Goes Out to Play

So poor Weezy has been mostly living in a large box stall since she came home. First because she had a heavy lice infestation (and also the risk of contagious diseases), which required quarantine, and secondly because she lost all her hair and was at risk of sunburn.

But she is finally growing a bit of a coat. After two treatments, there is no sign of any lice. Her skin is clearing up and a lot of the scurf is gone. She has put on a remarkable amount of weight. At this point, we can all see improvement every single day. She is, of course, co-operating heartily in her own rehab by eating voraciously. She’s also rude, pushy, and fizzing with an overabundance of energy.

So today the boss said we could turn her out in the paddock between the fillies, Esmerelda (her little sister) and Diva, and the recently retired racehorses, Parker and Vegas. Her coat is still too short for her to go out all day. But she went out at 6 am and got three hours to cavort and eat. Which she did with gusto. She snorted, galloped, whinnied, bucked, rolled, and greeted the other horses. Okay… well maybe she threatened the other horses once or twice too… she is her mama’s daughter after all! Diva and Esmerelda were intimidated and ran off after Weezy said some rude things to them. But Esmerelda was kind of put out about that and kept coming back. She is ALSO her mama’s daughter! But in the end, Weezy demonstrated superior bossiness. Then she went over and had a discussion with Parker and Vegas. Those two are just dorks. “Hullo! Weezy! Ummm…. We like you! We think?” They are very harmless dorks, and Weezy soon realized that they were not worth putting much effort into and ignored them in favour of the delicious grass.

Click on any of the pics for a closer view. They are cell phone pics, so they are rather grainy.

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